What is a cookie?

A cookie is a file, which is placed on your computer or your mobile device. It makes it possible to recognise your computer and gather information about what pages and functions you use via your browser. But cookies cannot see who you are, what your name is, where you live or if the computer is used by one or more people. And it can't spread computer viruses or other harmful programmes to your computer. This homepage uses cookies. We inform you about the cookies we place before we do it. We - and everyone else - are required by law to do so. Read more on about cookies and the legal base in "Bekendtgørelse om krav til information og samtykke ved lagring af eller adgang til oplysninger i slutbrugeres terminaludstyr" (Cookiebekendtgørelsen) (Danish only).

Cookies for statistics
The first time you use this homepage you see a banner (in Danish) with information about cookies for statistics. If you click on the link "Nej tak til statistik ved at klikke her", no cookies for statistics will be placed. However, we will place a cookie, which remembers that you don't want us to gather statistics. If you don't want cookies at all, you must cancel cookies in your browser.

If you click your way to a new page without having chosen "Nej tak…", cookies will be placed for gathering statistics and the top banner will disappear. We use the statistics to improve usability. The information in the statistics is anonymous and is never coupled to the individual user.

If you don't wish to provide information for statistics anymore, you can click here: Remove statistics cookies. We use a cookie to remember your No to statistics. If you wish to avoid cookies all together you must cancel cookies in your browser. However, please note that if you cancel cookies, you won't be able to log on or use any other functions that require the homepage to remember your choices.

Deny or delete cookies.
You can always deny cookies in your browser by changing the preferences in your browser. Where to find preferences in your browser depends on which type of browser you're using. Please observe that if you do this, many functions and services will become unavailable to you because they require that the webpage can remember your choices. All browsers allow you to delete cookies one at a time or all at once. How to do that depends on the browser you use.


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