Gender equality

Women and men, girls and boys must not be treated differently because of their gender. They have the same financial, social, cultural, civic, sexual, and political rights throughout society, and both genders are considered a resource to society.

Women and men are equal, they have the same rights, and it is illegal to treat women and men differently because of their gender.

You have the right to make your own decisions regarding yourself, your life and your body and to earn your own money. Alongside this, it is your duty to provide for your family, take responsibility for your children, pay taxes and participate in society, regardless of your gender. Gender equality means that women and men must be able to live their lives without social control and thereby be able to make choices in keeping with their own wishes.

By being aware of your rights in society and within your family, it is possible to live a good life, whereby you can further your education and develop as an individual.

Denmark has a law on gender equality. It provides women and men with equal rights and equal opportunities.

For more information on what equality means in practic, please explore the various sub-headings of this web application.



You may not be treated differently because of your gender. Both indirect and direct differences in treatment are illegal.

In Denmark, it is a basic principle that everyone is ensured equal rights and opportunities to participate in Danish society, regardless of their race, ethnic origin and/or religious beliefs. Ethnic equality is a natural extension of equality in other areas such as gender, sexual orientation, disability, age, political beliefs, etc.


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