Women and men have the same rights, duties and opportunities in their work lives. Both genders are important resources for society and a large majority of women in Denmark keep their job after they get married and/or have children.

Having a job provides financial independence and the chance to provide for yourself and your family. The salary you make is your own. You have the right to have your own bank account and to reach your own decisions regarding your money.

When you work, you also save up for a pension, so that you have an income when you are old and no longer have a job.


The Job Centre

If you visit the website, you will see what the job centres have to offer. Here, you can find your local job centre and information on how to find a job and about education.

If you lose your job, you must register the fact that you have become unemployed on It is important that you do so on your very first day without work.

Information in English is also available at

Trade unions

Trade Union membership is very common in Denmark. While some trade unions only have members from a particular industry / type of industries, others have members from a broad range of industries / job types. Your trade union can help you understand the rules on pay, work hours, maternity/paternity leave, redundancy and holidays.

Citizen Service Centre

Your local citizen service centre can help you if you lose your job.

Information in English is also available at



Rights and duties

You have the right to the same pay as colleagues who do the same kind of work as you, or whose work has the same value as yours, regardless of gender.

Women and men have the same duties in relation to their work life.

This means that:

  • Both women and men must provide for themselves. Married couples and co-habiting partners are under obligation to provide for one another.

  • Both women and men must educate themselves if doing so could help them in getting a job.

  • Both women and men must make an active effort to get a job. If they do not, they will lose their right to unemployment benefits or social security cash benefits.

Your pay is your personal property, regardless of whether you are a man or a woman. Everyone over the age of 18 years has the right to be in control of their own finances - this means controlling their own money and having a bank account, to which they have sole access. It is up to you, alone, to decide which bank you want to have an account in.


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